Mailing Bags » self-seal

Plastic bags have the distinct advantage over cardboard envelopes for mass shippers because of their lightweight which result in lower postage expenses for shippers making them ideal packaging for shipping. Mailing bags are designed for protecting products and delivery of those products. For added security during transport our mailers are tear and puncture resistant as well as being completely opaque so contents within cannot be seen. We stock clear mailing bags when contents within need to be identified. All mailing bags are water resistant and have a super strong self adhesive strip which once sealed stays sealed. Produced with a smooth professional finish providing the perfect surface for document enclosed wallets, sticky address labels and hand written text.

Produced from polythene we have a wide selection of mailing bags in different thicknesses ranging from 240 guage to 280 guage in various colours, the most popular being grey, blue and pink mailing bags. The smallest mail bag in stock measures 4 x 6", the largest being 24 x 30".

We can produce this product to any dimensions, thickness, opacity and in the colours and language of your choice. You then have the option of having the product printed with your logo and design. For custom mailing bags see our custom packaging page.