Light Duty Poly Bags


Light duty polythene bags have a large variety of different uses from packaging clothing, confectionary, footwear, food items and accessories. Manufactured from a safe, non toxic polythene. Our lightweight clear polythene bags can be used to package almost anything in a safe and hygienic manner providing protection from dust, dirt and moisture.

These high – clarity, light weight 100 gauge (25 micron) polythene bags are most popular for protecting and packaging small parts and clothing. They can be sealed with bag neck tape or a heat seal.

Our light duty polythene bags are available in a range of different sizes as well as custom sizes to suit any requirement.

Bag dimensions are internal dimensions in the order of Width (opening) x Length

This product is subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 10% in relation to the dimension


 Width x Length Gauge / Microns Bags Per Pack
10 x 15 Inches
(250 x 375) mm
100 / 25 1000
18 X 25 Inches
(457 x 610) mm
120 / 30 500

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