At MG Polymer Ltd we believe in avoiding waste wherever possible.  We recycle all of our standard and anti-static waste material in-house back into polythene granules and then use this material on our bin liners and rubble sacks.  This ensures we have as little of a impact on the environment as possible with none of our waste polythene ever going to land-fill.  The re-granulating machinery that we use is capable of recycling over 1 tonne of material per day and produces granules to the same high quality as all the material that we purchase.

Our biodegradable products cannot be recycled, this is because a degrading agent has been added to the polythene when it was extruded.  Degrading agents allow the polythene to achieve full biological break-down when placed in land-fill or composted.  The process of the polythene degrading is split into three phases:

– Biological breakdown of the directly biodegradable components in the polythene.

– Oxidation and/or photo-oxidation of the polythene.

– Biological breakdown of the polythene fragments.

We actively seek to purchase waste low density polythene from companies and offer very competitive prices, please note that we require all waste to be clean and in a similar condition as it was when manufactured.  Please contact us by e-mail, phone or using the contact form on our website if you would like to receive a quote.